Why blogging?

I recently feel the urge to produce something. Anything. I almost quit every social media during this semester. Plus my cellphone (which is pretty much broken anyway). Basically, I delete the apps and block the websites, and leave cellphone at home whenever I don’t have to take it with me.

Yet giving up on all the social networks does not mean I don’t want to communicate with the world. Or I don’t need to. I’d rather think it is a must for the current situation. Still, by stepping out of the social network bubbles, I’ve isolated myself. I’ve had all sorts of ideas keep popping up in my mind. They fill up my brain, constantly whispering in my ears. And they don’t have a way out. This weird type of energy has been accumulated in my body and I cannot offer enough space for holding them …

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What About Swimming Alone?

This morning, my to-do list is to finish the discussion part of a paper draft (or at least write something, anything). And Bang! Here we are. I am writing my first blog post.

Setting up a blog with Wordpress is not awfully amount of work, but it still costs me a robust 7-hr to get to the actual “blogging” part. (Now you can probably tell how much I don’t want to work on the draft, lol).

Why do I write this website title?
You see, people post fake things online.

Seriously, where does it come from?

A Pizza Place

When I was an undergrad, I lived in the dormitory and shared a room with three awesome girls. One of them once worked part-time in a local pizza place where it offers those small cute delicious pizzas with various topping options.

(Speaking of pizza toppings, I think …

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