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Writing Hugo pages in org-mode with Easy-Hugo

Hugo & org-mode

Both of my sites are written in Hugo as it is unbelievably fast in terms of building websites. It can deploy thousands of .md files, one per page, within a second, meaning I can almost write markdown documents and check the generated html page (and a complete version of the entire website) almost simultaneously. This is a critical …

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Setting up Org-protocal with Firefox on macOS

TL;DR (Annotated Bibliography in Org-mod)

I’ve had trouble establishing an effective work flow to organize annotated bibliography with Emacs. Previously I’ve been using Org-brain, a sophisticated wiki-style tool to visualize concepts and their relationships. Here is a screenshot of the structure I set up.

Org-brain overview

Though one can interlink …

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Notmuch in Emacs with mbsync and msmtp

Emails, Notmuch, and I

Emails are always distractions for me. Before using notmuch with Emacs, I don’t use any email clients on my laptop, so I’d have to log into the office 365’s web interface to read and reply emails, which is absolutely a pain in the neck. Yet I chose this workflow because it pretty much made checking email …

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